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About Us

Let's Bee kids PlayCenter is a trilingual, creative, and educational entertainment center with a routine for children ages 0-8 years old. The indoor playground theme is about “BEES” and children will learn all about their habitats and colonies.


At ‘Let's Bee kids PlayCenter’, children will enjoy a variety of daily, scheduled activities such as story time, arts and crafts , sing-along, and language lessons. Children will have the opportunity to play in play area, dress up in costumes and play with toys all designed to help them have the best childhood. And while they play, they will learn Portuguese, French, Spanish, and American Sign Language.

Our unique, educational play center/ indoor play center will develop their imagination in a safe, fun, clean and stimulating environment. While challenging them to reach, think, interact, and explore. Children will be supervised by their parents/ guardian at ALL TIMES at a visual open play area.


Our play center will also provide Birthday party rooms to celebrate their special and memorable day. At the Snack room (nectar room), we will have tables set up for parents to have their coffee time and we will have child size picnic tables for all the children to sit together and be able to meet other children while having their snacks. 


Meet the Worker Bees

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Our Story

We moved to the United States Of America in 1999 with our parents on the look for a better education and quality of life. We made this country into our homeland and have given back through voluntary work to many different communities here in the U.S. 


Growing up, we developed many passions and one of them was caring for children. Development and nurturing has been ingrained in us and with 30 plus years of experience combined, we saw a big need. There are not many play centers and activities for children ages zero to seven years old. So we were inspired to open an educational, entertainment, indoor playground for younger children as young as months old. With the focus to show parents that there are still places like Let’s Bee Kids PlayCenter to teach little ones how to have fun with toys instead of spending time in front of an electronic. Little ones will be taught an additional language as they play in our indoor play center.

Being able to add our family business 'Build A Party' & Event Planning services to Let's Bee Kids PlayCenter, only made sense to us since we love being able to provide a full service to all of our customers. We will be able to help parents plan their honey's birthday parties at our Nectar room. 

We are excited for this new journey and we are ready to Welcome you and your little ones. We look forward to spending time with you all! 

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