As a parent, you know that your toddler is learning every minute of the day. How do you change things up to further increase mental stimulation? Check out Let's Bee Kids Play Center where we offer a safe and fun space to play and learn more about busy bees.


Discovering the World of Bees


Did you know that bees cooperate in all aspects of living, from gathering food to raising young, and building their home? Our Bee Hive educational center combines fun activities that allow your child to run off some steam along with valuable lessons about the world that we all inhabit.


Multi-Lingual Lessons and Assistants


Children that are exposed to multiple languages at a very young age are more likely to grow up fluent in more languages. Feed their language center when they visit our educational play center. We speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and American Sign Language. What word will your toddler learn to say today?


Free to Move, Jump, and Learn


Not only do your children need to be exposed to more learning opportunities, but their little bodies also need to move! There is plenty of room to climb, run, crawl, or jump in our educational center. Maybe your littlest will get ready to take their first steps with you by their side. After they have run off some steam, join them in the Nectar Room for a quick snack, so both of you can recharge.


Every admission to Let's Bee Kids includes entry for your child and you, play time in the Bee Hive, snack time, and lesson time. Check our calendar for details on scheduled activities and special entertainment on the weekends. Is their birthday right around the corner? We also offer complete party packages.

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